Kenotomi provides innovative solutions to the mitigation of the global climate crisis through its patented solar PV product.

Kenotomi is focused on providing economically viable solutions to the issue of vertically installed solar panels to utilize available space in urban areas. Electro-optical technology is used to accelerate the adoption of solar energy in space-compromised locations. Kenotomi develops products to be applied to the commercial building sector including facades, skylights, fences, and acoustic walls. The solution is using concentration of energy in an innovative manner.

Kenotomi’s products are optimized for vertical installation in building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems and building-applied photovoltaic (BAPV) systems, as well as for rooftop applications.

The Team

We have assembles a team of experts and professionals, who are the best in their field, to provide the best solar solutions to the urban world.

Joel Erblich​

Chairman Of The Board

Menashe Althous


Dr. Hanna Klein

CTO & Director

Yosef Abramowitz

Senior Advisor

Illan Aharon


Oren Aharon

Chief Scientific Officer

Gregory Bass

Production Manager

Meir Saar

Director & Marketing

Eitan Rogel

R&D Plastics Engineer

Michal Zilberberg

VIP Business Development

Jonathan Khalimsky

Senior Advisor

Adv. Elliott Rosenstein

Legal Counsel

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